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About Us

Master Grill is a Churrascaria—Brazilian Steakhouse that offers cuisines of Churrasco grill and barbecue with high-quality premium beef and delicious seafood that are served in rodízio style and carefully roasted over an open flame grill to expose their natural flavors. The all-you-can-eat style of our restaurant service is what steak lovers will surely appreciate.

History of Churrasco

How did we get such delicious churrasco right here in Massapequa? It all starts with the history of churrasco in Brazil. "Churrasco" is the Portuguese word for barbecue and the term dates back to the 1600s in Sete Povos das Missoes, a community created by the Jesuits. The seven Jesuit missions were supposed to be dismantled and relocated to the Spanish western side of the Uruguay River. The Guarani people living in the area refused, leading to the Guarani War. The Guarani tended to herds of livestock, which began roaming free and grew in numbers after the community was destroyed.

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“Not just your regular restaurant
Master Grill has made a long journey to make the difference...” 

Rachel Greene

“Not just your regular restaurant
Master Grill has made a long journey to make the difference...” 

Rosaline O.

“Not just your regular restaurant
Master Grill has made a long journey to make the difference...” 

Natalya S.

“Not just your regular restaurant
Master Grill has made a long journey to make the difference...” 

Danielle S.

Churrasco History

At the time, many people did not see the value in raising livestock and turned to gold instead. As a result, tropeiros (troop and commission drivers of all those horses, cattle, and mules) began traveling across Brazil to offer the necessary supplies. They would make temporary camps and eat fresh meat roasted over hot stone coals seasoned with a little ash. Herders did the same but began to add salt to the meat as well. It was through this process that churrasco was born. Churrasco became popular among the ranchers who had to be out on the range for weeks or months at a time. They began to cook the meat in a fire pit surrounded by skewers of meat stuck in the ground. Of course, today we replace the fire pit with the rotisserie grill and the sticks with skewers, but the fundamental recipes and techniques are the same. We even offer a salad buffet along with our churrasco because sometimes, history can be improved upon.

Picanha con Alho

Garlic Picanha


Prime Lamb Steak


Spicy Pork Sausage
Churrasco Cooking Style

Brazilian barbecue (churrasco) was invented by gauchos, nomadic horseback riders not so different from the American cowboys of the Wild West. Gauchos lived in rural areas and had access to plenty of cattle for their meat. They developed a style of roasting beef on skewers over the embers of a fire, which brought out the natural flavor of the meat and made it more succulent. The gauchos would prepare skewers of meat for a large gathering of their friends and family. All throughout the dinner, the gauchos would come around and slice off slabs of beef, supplying an endless stream of helpings. The style of serving was called rodizio, and it is still popular in Brazilian barbecue around the world.

When people go out on the town, they tend to gravitate toward American food, pub fare and chain restaurants. These options are familiar, and even though you may not have a great meal, you know you'll at least have a decent one.

However, you may actually be shortchanging yourself by playing it safe. People who live by the philosophy "variety is the spice of life" tend to have more positive emotions. So, the next time you go out to eat, consider changing it up! Trying new cuisine at a Brazilian steakhouse (churrascaria) is an excellent way to expand your culinary horizons.

Costela de Porco

Pork Ribs

Coxa de Frango

Spice Chicken Legs

Medalhose com Bacon

Bacon-wrapped Chicken & Steak
How Master Grill Works

The current Master Grill experience is very much in line with the original tradition of churrasco. We have a fixed price and are all-you-can-eat, but unlike a buffet, you do not have to serve by yourself. Instead, you will receive a red card and a green card at your table. If you put up the green card, the rodizio servers will know you are ready to eat. Similarly, if you put up a red card, they will stop bringing food.

The steakhouse experience can be quite exciting for those new to Brazilian cuisine. Our food is prepared fresh and the servers slice the meat right onto your plates instead of plating it in the kitchen. Since everything is covered by the fixed price, you can sample as many dishes as you like for the full authentic Brazilian culinary experience.

Welcome to Master Grill Brazilian Barbecue. Stop in today for an incredible Brazilian meal!


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